Terms & Conditions

Security Interest
To secure performance of all of customer’s obligations in this agreement, the customer grants to the company a UCC security interest according to Chapters 401, 402, and 409 of the Wisconsin Statutes in the goods described in their purchase contract.

General Provisions
Gabriels shall constitute Gabriel Furniture Company, the merchant herein. Customer shall constitute one or more parties and shall be construed either singularly or plurally depending on the number of parties who would be customers within the definition of the Wisconsin Consumer Code.

Conditions of Sale and Warranty

  1. All orders including window treatments, wallpaper, and furniture require a 30% minimum down payment.
  2. No merchandise will be sold on a home approval basis except for smaller items such as lamps or pictures, which a customer can take along, or where a salesman takes it upon himself to take an item to a customer’s home.
  3. There are no cancellations permitted on special orders, even in the case of unforeseen Manufacturers Shipping delays due to fire, strikes, acts of God or any other causes beyond our control, it is impossible to give a definite delivery date of special orders.
  4. We do not have control over conditions to which the merchandise is subjected after it leaves our store.  Therefore, we cannot give an unequivocal guarantee with the products we sell.  However we will stand behind our merchandise to any reasonable extent.  If an item is defective, it should be called to our attention promptly upon arrival to the customer’s home.  If the merchandise has been in a customer’s home for a period of a year with no trouble reported, we feel that our responsibility terminates.  We will make repairs on such goods after the year, at a reasonable charge.  All warranties will be honored to the extent stated by the manufacturer.  However, Clearance Center items are sold “as is.”
  5. There is no guarantee on fabrics for wear or fading, except where the manufacturer takes it upon themselves to guarantee a particular fabric.  In certain instances, it will be necessary to issue an allowance for defective merchandise.  In granting allowances, the following points should be kept in mind:
    1. We do not profess to sell perfect furniture.  There is no such product being made today.  Our obligation to the customer is to sell a product within certain quality standards commensurate with the price.  Gabriels is constantly striving to give the best quality possible for the price, but ultimate perfection is not possible, because of the material of which our products are made.
    2. Allowances may be authorized only by a department head.  It is the responsibility of field personnel to examine any defective merchandise and make repairs where necessary and make suggestions; and recommendations as to proper disposition.
    3. Field personnel will not obligate or bind the Company by definite agreement.  Final authorization for disposition will be made by the department heads.
  6. Furniture being held for delivery must be paid for—in full—30 days after Gabriel’s receives the merchandise.
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